Method Aviate

Method Insight

  • Method Insight is our proprietary technology that intuitively demonstrates the platforms ability to engage with users in a targeted way based on physical activity, personality traits and perceived ability to change health behavior. A daily self-efficacy scale paired with our progression model integrates varying degrees of challenges and content per user. This data helps determine your individualized program structure and content delivery.

Bio Metric Screening

  • Biometric screenings provide vital health information. Choose to gather this pertinent data from your physician or in less than 15 minutes per person, a panel of specialists can complete a wide range standard health screenings and deliver real-time results.

Health Risk Assessment

  • Our unique HRA tool features a combination of National Health Interview Survey data and personality questions. This approach helps determine our personalized engagement technique. The question set guides the member through a simple, yet comprehensive assessment.

Method Trace

Digital Platform

  • The most innovative cloud based wellness platform with various features to drive consistent user engagement.

Wearable Devices

  • Embraces consumer choice by allowing connection with the top wearable devices, health trackers, wireless scales, fitness and nutrition apps.

User Engagement

  • Tools customized to see variability in biometric data
  • Self Efficacy Scale
  • Intuitive user content tracking
  • Global Destination Map

Method Ally

Group Competition

  • A place for all things: Staying well, finding balance and living joyfully. Getting active and staying fit is one thing, but nothing compares to the thrill of teamwork and accomplishment. Our immersive experience focuses on various individual as well as team oriented challenges and competitions. Members have the opportunity to earn prizes, just by making healthier choices.
  • Empowers users to connect socially with others through focused individual or group activities.

Instant Rewards

  • Positive feedback loops that make users exponentially more likely to continue with certain behavior.
  • Rewards and high value, budget friendly incentives.

Health Coaching

  • Health Coaches understand that the more information and support people receive about their health, the better they are equipped to take an active role in making the right lifestyle decisions.
  • The effectiveness of coaching allows individuals to understand that learning is most productive when the willingness and commitment to improve exists. Health coaching is an integral part of the program that provides additional information, support and outreach to users. Coaches help users set and meet both short as well as long term goals.